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Streams Powerhouse: Power Play

It is easy to play with power only when you are in control. When you’ve mastered your strength, your weaknesses suddenly become nothing but battle scars. The Itel P37 is Itel’s latest smartphone offering and it is an upgrade as a result of the battle scars from its predecessor. It is the Itel family candidate who is set to ‘’Play with Power’’.

The task of having to assume the position of power is not a small feat, but when we (Streams Communication) got down to brass tax, we made bold to design and facilitate a virtual product launch that embodied the key message of the Itel brand. The Itel P37 and accompanying accessories took center stage at this event. With the finesse of Itel’s brand power on full display, we streamed this event to hundreds of thousands of people in and out of Nigeria.

We broke the code when we had Olamide spotlight the Itel P37 seamlessly; we cracked the safe when we had Nengi present the Itel laptop in the most sophisticated way possible. This was a power play and we made sure Itel was totally in control.

Have you lost control? Do you need it back? Call us Streams, or call us power brokers, whatever moniker you decide on, just know that we’ve got what you need to power that event, that activation, that experiential product/brand launch till it sparks enough energy to positively influence your bottom line. We are Streams and we’ve got the power! … Until we come your way again, Streams Out! *Drops Mic* Written by Oghenetega Oke(Senior Copywriter)

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